A thought in the Underview...and the void is filled


2001 is still there, untouched, unchanged, just as Kubrick left it.

If you were there at the time, it may amuse you to remember how it was.

If you had yet to arrive, it may amuse you to see how it was meant to be.

One day, it will all quietly cease to exist.


On the moon

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Be a 2001 Expert
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Dan Richter
Moonwatcher's Memoir

Moonwatcher's Memoir
Make your cell more comfortable
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C. S. Lewis
Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planet
Get that brain working
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James Howard
Stanley Kubrick Companion

Stanley Kubrick Companion
Back to 1970
They became the generation
that sold their civilisation
for a fancy S.U.V.
Back to 1970
Music of the Underview
Association P. C.
Association P. C.
Morrissey Mullen
Morrissey Mullen



"Kubrick's "Zero Gravity Toilet" joke always went down well."
"No 9000 computer's ever been disconnected."
"That farrago of nonsense called "evolution"."
"You can eat with the same cutlery as Dave and Frank."
"Yours very truly, Stanley Kubrick, MGM Studios."
"V. impressive! Best wishes from Arthur C. Clarke."
"You have to keep squinting to remind yourself that the picture is flat."
"Natalya Bondarchuk is the most seductive other- worlder."
"What do you see?" whispers the aeons-old instinct. "But it's all... light!"
"Piers and I were in an Aladdin's cave and Harry Lange loved every minute of it."
"How things might have been..."
And you have hardly started.

The ultimate trip
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Some molecules have all the luck
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